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Jan. 1st, 2020


About Me


I'm going to say it straight away. There's nothing you can see here!

After all, I made this LJ long long ago to post in communities, not to blog. I'm too lazy.

But, if you have extra time and a tumblr account, feel free to find me at helios396.tumblr.com

See ya :)

Jul. 5th, 2008


journey to a new life...

hahaha what a title ^^

anyways.. i've been accepted at the University of Indonesia, a public university which is quite famous indeed
i'll be studying japanese literature there, yay!
but to choose studying in that university means i'll have to leave my home sweet home and move to some kind of a dorm because the university is located outside the city
so there's no way to commute, it's way to far

i'm pretty nervous about this since i never live far from my family before
and also the social problem, because i'll be a minority in my new place
in my school days, i went to a school where majority of us are chinese
but now.... hey, i'm not trying to say anything bad towards others, but things happened
i hope i can be friends with them
i'm kinda confused actually, somebody help?

i'm already in the process of getting things ready, like buying stuffs to bring to my new place
and also working on the tasks given for the university orientation days
they asked all freshmen to make an essay about our nation's rise and future, also to do a group discussion about our role to make our nation better, and memorize songs of our alma mater

i think it's better this way than those mentally (even in some place in here, physically) depressing method of orientation
seriously, some seniors in some colleges hit their juniors that led to their deaths in some kind of a 'welcome ceremony'... scary...

many, many works to do from now
many, many new things to see and to learn
but i believe it will all be useful for the future...

PS : maybe posts here will become even more rare after this
because i'll have to leave my high speed internet PC at home and move to a place without internet, except at the rental
but i'll try to keep writing somthing because i don't want this LJ dead
i don't wanna have an account but have an empty page
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May. 29th, 2008


boring holiday, and some talk about movies

long time no post...
i doubt anybody read this journal though, i'm just filling it for my pleasure in writing and practice in english ^^

school break has lasted for 2 weeks now...
and i'm getting bored already  -_-
i'm not the kind of the person who go out with friends much so yeah i'm stuck at  home most of the time
but recently i watched some movies with my friend
i watched the new narnia and indiana jones
so better than speaking this and that i'll tell my impression about those

narnia : overall it's good about 4 /5. i like most of those kinds of movies like LOTR series, Harry Potter, etc. just about a fantasy world hehe. but one thing i don't like is the final battle when Aslan came to help and then the whole war was concluded. it's like an uneven war between the all-human Telmarine soldiers and gigantic natural powers of Aslan with the moving trees and all. it's just too easy and i don't like it. well it's just my opinion

indiana jones : not so good story, i like the action choreography though. like when Indy and Mutt being chased by some agent and the chase in the jungle with the Russian. but i really don't like all the alien thingy. i suppose something archeological has nothing to do with aliens. i prefer them fight the Russians and the native Mayan tribes. >_<
and the puzzle solving was too fast, i hardly can catch the meaning. even my mom and dad didn't get it at all.
i give it 2.5/5 score

btw i'll be sitting for the entrance test to University of Indonesia on 7-8 June, it's a state university. it'll be a hard one to pass because from hundreds even thousands of test takers only about 30-70 seats available for each major (whew, can you believe that?)
i'll have to study from now but it's going to worth it because the fee is much cheaper
well i hope i can pass....

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Apr. 6th, 2008


final exam really is near! but I'm confused!

pheww.... long time no update
i've been very busy and LJ is the web with longest loading time here so there's no helping it ^^

it's already April, which means the final exam is really near now
just 2 weeks away!
I'm not that nervous as I was, since we already reviewed and worked on hundreds and hundreds of exercises at school
my average for the second try out exam is about 75 for the science subjects and 85 for the others
I can say I'm quite ready now
to think that my scores for science subjects was never higher than 60  when I was in 2nd grade, it's a big progress XD

now the second thing that I've been thinking these days is about my choice for university
an unexpected problem has came over my family that i must reconsider to choose graphic design major
it's an expensive major *sigh*
now I'm planning to try for the state university for lower costs
the problem is... it doesn't have a design major!!
now I really don't know what to choose...
I'm interested in studying in language and literature major, but I don't think it has a good prospect for my future
I mean I don't know how will I get a job with that

I'm so confused!! and the time is getting nearer and nearer!

I hope somebody can enlighten me and tell me what to do....
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Mar. 3rd, 2008


[new single] Kanjani 8 - Wahaha

hi there!
I just want to share this because i'm really really in love with this song right now! ^^

It's kanjani8 newest single Wahaha [03.12.08]
Basically I think this song is their best song up to now
I like the PV too! I can't stop laughing while watching it ^^
everybody looks so funny!

so here's the PV

and in case anybody want the song, I've uploaded it here

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